Scrapbook Tin & Card!

This special scrapbook tin and card are the perfect way to keep photos of those you love and cherish.  The tin takes up only a small amount of space, but can hold a lot of special memories.  There are eight double sides pages inside as well as eight note cards in the pocket of each page.  Add a photo and a note about the photo and keep it all in this special little tin.  It can even double as a gift card holder for eight gift cards!  The matching card makes this a perfect gift to give for any occasion!



To get the instructions for this pretty little scrapbook tin and card project designed by Amanda, just head over to Craft Project Central and subscribe to January!  Have a great stamping day!

Posted on : Jan 04 2013

On The Road Again!

Summer is the season where it seems like everyone is going somewhere … vacation, family reunions, weddings, picnics … and that usually means lots of photos! Luckily My Digital Studio (Stampin’ Up!’s Digital papercrafting & scrapbooking software) can help you get those photos off of your camera (or your phone) and into a place where they can easily be enjoyed. And the best part? You can take My Digital Studio (MDS) on the road with you, so that you can scrapbook your photos almost as they happen!


Here are some tips for using My Digital Studio on the road:

  Create your page layouts BEFORE your trip so that all you have to do is insert your photos and journaling while you’re on the road.

  Load your photos onto your computer at the end of each day to keep them organized by day.

  If you don’t have time to journal your photos in MDS every day, keep a notebook with you to makes notes of special things or keep an online journal in a word document so that your memories will be right at hand when you’re working in My Digital Studio.


 So don’t forget to bring along MDS. It’s like packing up all of your scrapbooking stuff and putting it into one small and very portable box – your laptop. And at the end of your vacation, you’ll have a fabulous scrapbook to relive those memories over and over again.


Don’t have My Digital Studio? No worries – you can download a 30-day Free Trial from my Online Store (#129600) and take it right along with you on your next adventure.



Posted on : Jul 22 2012

For You Mini Photo Album!

Mini photo albums make great gifts! Teachers, co-workers, grandparents, etc.  Everyone loves photo albums, but few people actually have the time to make them, unless making them as gifts! This pretty little album can hold up to 76 different sized photos!  There is space for twenty four 4"x 6"  or smaller photos, twenty eight 5" x 7" or smaller photos, and twenty four 3-1/2" x 5-1/2" or smaller photos.  Inside the sturdy cover are 12 pages.  Each page has pockets where photos and journaling can be added!  Makes for a great class project too!



To get the instructions for this great little gift album designed by Amanda, just head over to Craft Project Central and subscribe to June!  Have a wonderful month!

Posted on : Jun 01 2012

Father’s Day Book & Gift Card Holder!

This handmade book is sure to melt the heart of any father who receives it.  Each page features loving thoughts by the child or children about their dad, like; I know my dad loves me when… Each page also has room for photos that will bring back special memories for dad.  And just to make sure that dad feels extra special, give him a gift card to his favorite place.  When it's given in this matching gift card holder, he will know just how special he is on his special day!



To get the instructions for this great Father's Day project designed by Carrie, just head over to Craft Project Central and subscribe to April.

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great day!

Posted on : Apr 29 2012

Star Book Mini Album!

This Star Book mini album will hold your cherished photos and look good sitting on your desk.  The unique shape will be sure to catch everyone's eye!  Easy to assemble and perfect for any age or occasion!   Change up the color theme and make little mini albums for the grandparents or friends for Christmas or birthdays!  This project is a fun club, class or Stamp Camp project too!



To get the instructions for this fun project designed by Monika, just head over to Craft Project Central and subscribe to November! 

Posted on : Nov 10 2011

Vintage Paper Bag Album!

Vintage is all the rage right now!  Well actually, it probably never really went out of style?!?  Here's a pretty little vintage album that you can make and put your photos in or give to a friend!  This project is a great scrapbooking class as well!



To get the instructions for this pretty little scrapbook designed by Kristyne, just head on over to Craft Project Central and subscribe to August!

Posted on : Aug 30 2011

New My Digital Studio Downloads Available!


You’ll want to get your hands on the latest downloads of fresh and irresistible digital designs to add to your My Digital Studio collection. Choose from a variety of exclusive artwork and styles for your next project. Order and download* in minutes and be on your way to capturing and sharing your favorite memories!


With your new downloads ready to go, click over to for ideas and inspiration using your latest digital additions.


So, take your pick and try it in a new project. You’ll be glad you did!

Posted on : Aug 09 2011

Scrapbook on a Spool & Matching Card!

Turn a wooden spool into a mini album and wrap your memories around it!  This mini scrapbook contains five pages and can be customized to fit any size vintage spool.  When the scrapbook is open, the pages are attached to the spool.  Set it on a shelf or table, this little scrapbook makes a cute antique looking home decor item whether opened or closed.  Create a matching vintage card to complete the set and make a great little gift!  Sewers, grandparents, teachers, etc. would be thrilled with this pretty and unique gift!  This project can also a fun class project!



To get the instructions for this pretty project designed by Kris, just head on over to Craft Project Central, and subscribe to July!

Posted on : Jul 04 2011

My Digital Studio

My Digital Studio (#118108) is software that both traditional and digital papercrafters can enjoy. How is this possible? Well, if you like to save time, enjoy convenience, and desire to have a whole host of creative possibilities when you create, then you need to give My Digital Studio a look. Here’s why:


It Saves You Time and Money

  You can create a project once and then just print however many you need.

  My Digital Studio has photo-editing capabilities, so you can edit your photos as you create your layouts in MDS.

  You’ll save on materials because My Digital Studio allows you to design “virtually” and once you have your design just right, you can create your project with paper and stamps or just print out as many as you need.



It’s Convenient

  You can easily add more images, digital accessories, and templates instantly by purchasing My Digital Studio digital downloads. You will “virtually” have what you need, when you need it – just download it, and it’s ready to use. This allows you to create when time allows and creativity strikes – at all hours of day and night.

  You can scrapbook your digital photos without having to print them out first.

  When you have finished designing your project, you can choose the convenience of printing at home or you have the option to get high-quality color coordination at affordable prices using our professional print service.


It Inspires

  You can get started right away because the software is intuitively designed. Whether you are a beginner or a digital expert, My Digital Studio won’t stand in the way of your creative process.

  The possibilities are endless! You can create an assortment of printed and multimedia products … from cards to scrapbooks to calendars to DVDs.


So imagine creating recipe cards for a cookie exchange, Valentine cards for your child’s classmates, a scrapbook of your trip to Ireland while on your flight back home … all with the click of a mouse. Quick, easy, and convenient – even portable! And you can still add texture and dimension with ribbon and other accessories if you want to add that final touch. If this has your creative juices flowing or you just want to learn more, contact me to get started with My Digital Studio today!

Posted on : Jun 20 2011

Vintage Scrap Album & Tote!

Here is a lovely vintage-style mini scrap album perfect for holding some of your cherished memories!  The matching tote is perfect for presenting and keeping the album safe!  This is a great gift for grandparents, teachers, friends, etc., and is a great class or club project!



To get the instructions for this pretty project designed by Monika, just head on over to Craft Project Central and subscribe to June!

Posted on : Jun 13 2011